Senin, 03 November 2008

thank God this is november :D

there're lot of things have changed and i feel much much better. i dont believe in which way i took, turns out to be soooo good right now. i was mess-up,yeaa completely, that i dont care about the karma is going to pay back to person-who-makes-me-this-disappointed soon. never wished badly, i was trying to move with crying over over and over again. until i didnt care about my mudlle heart, school, life, though. and finally realize i did wrong, how can a person let ruined my whole-life? shattered my mind emotionally? ERGGGGGGG I WONT LET IT HAPPEN TWICE! as simple as that, i felt damn stupid >.< while people around me always cheer me up and always been there for me everywhere. then i promised to myself i wont be mushy sloppy tatty person anymore. never let tears stream down for any stupid person/reason.

see, things are going. i feel more than pleasantly happy now. the only reasons i do keep smiling is for those guys who never let me down, and one thing i trust there are goodkarma(s) come to me soon. i dont and will never pray for badkarma(s) to that-one. but i know God is still alive and He pays back for every little thing we did in the past. to be frank, i dont even care about anything related to. dont be a fool nomore for still in fucking loom of personwholeftyoubrokenhearted.

so, for everyone out there who's still hurted a lot because of something happened in the past and you cant move on through, just simply follow my turns. someday you will laugh out loud at this hard time. DONT LET ANYONE BRING YOU DOWN! BECAUSE HE/SHE DOESNT DESERVE IT :P i love you all <3>

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