Kamis, 13 November 2008

soooooo boring days

im sitting here at my desk then start thinking maybe i should runaway from remedial classes which steal my 2nd breakhour so that i could spend my time leha leha makan makan gosip gosip :s i do feel much regret now why i did many many many stupid things in the past like id never been in seriously study reading my notebook and stuff, was being lazy and ignorant at clavius where i know it was the only one support.

i couldnt change things right now. yes i know the fact that i couldnt snitch my teachers' score list then change my score into 8 or 9 and i couldnt snap to my teachers house doing something embarassing like kidnap her/his kids then threaten my teacher(s) to add my score grades without taking any remedial classes or i will eat those kids soon hahaha. i wish i could. but just, i realise i will never do such a scurvy thing like that. its scrooge.

this silly brainy will burst easily everytime i feel all in. i mean, it doesnt work as i want to do and has planned like my mind,heart,and mouth dont cooperate well. but i cant lie im always trying to be enthusiastic and cheerful on any kind of situation. it works sometimes. change mood easily. i should look for any stress therapy to get over these boring days. i need holidays and more weekends i need refreshing i want refreshing i really want relaxation times. i do need it hurry ! or i will commit suicide in two minutes hehe no i was joking. i wont suicide for something stupid like this.

the last thing on my mind now is TO GRAB MY BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK AND STUDYYYY FOR THE HELLISH EXAMINATION TOMORROW. errg im getting queasy of asking my friends "what test(s) do we have this week?" and "when it will over?" i dont like science subjects and teachers of course but i dont even know why im in my mega-supeeeeer-dupeeeer-booooooringgg-science-class. i hate to admit that im okay now, but i should get up earlier and be more concern about my life.

have a nice weekend everyone, i love you all <3

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