Sabtu, 06 November 2010

it was our finest afternoon in the miserable days. me and my boyf quickly decided to go to a convenient place where we can lay down our depressed mind body and soul. I was tired and sick with things that went lately those days. He was like feeling the same thing yeah, here we were in the edge of Pantai Mutiara near the industrial area. we wondered much and spoke comfortably in silence, accompanied by light breeze and the noon-sun that was going to sink. This is the moment where I realize much that I dont care about the worst thing happened in my life as long as I got you.

I need these worth-time. I need to be convinced about this statement again and again.

anyway, we got something in common, that we usually let us being separated on the weekend to test how much we miss each other the day after. you know what, i think it works. silly but surely works for us sometimes. we know we dont miss each other on the days we meet all the time, but for-letting-us-spend-our-weekend-separated kills us all the time. so here I am, missing you all over again.

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