Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

A sensitive but not sentimental story about a romance involving a mentally challenged young man. Starring Hugh Dancy (Confession of a Shoppaholic) as Adam. He has a neurobiological disorder called Asperger Syndrome, that isolates him due to his difficulties in social interaction and his inability to understand what is on people's minds.

Personally, Im in love with Adam's character in this film. Adam is someone who would do a simple but sweetest thing at once. instead of something splashy, to get people recognition. He would speak everything that crossed his mind, good or bad, right or wrong, honest and frankly. people are fake nowadays, and we need someone like Adam. someone who will tell the truth instead of lying and pretending. because truth hurts, but lies worse.

I want Adam.

you might want to hear the soundtrack. this one is too sweet :)

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