Selasa, 15 Juni 2010

Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?

May 2009, it was the most embarassing yet worst part of my life. emphatically, it was the worst time in my entire life so far. I was angry, disappointed, scared, and I was grieving over something repentantly. I was dooooown, was feeling blue for a month. that heart-breaking was waaaay more painful than broke up with any other guy in this earth. I cant explain what was the problem about.

I mean, it wasnt about love, family or friends. but it was about a little tiny mistake I did in the past, and someone I know, someone I put a lot of respect on, was doing something bad that almost put me in a disgraceful feeling forever.

everyone has moments like this, don't give up is the first thing. I know that's sometimes easier said then done. everything happens for a reason, and everything always work's itself out. we are given hurdles in life to see if we can jump over and overcome these hurdles. sometimes it takes longer then others, and sometimes it seems as if it will never get better. BUT it always gets worse before it gets better, but I know it will get better. we are the one who responsible for our happiness. so Remember, life will knock us down but we can choose to stand back up.

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