Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

dear god

God, give me, please, enough strength to pass through this difficult period in my life;

give me wisdom to go through the trials I shall meet in my life with dignity;

strengthen my heart and soul to never lose belief in myself and honesty of other people around me;

give me the opportunity to bring happiness to people I know and I have never met;

give me the ability to love, forgive and understand;

let me live passing day in such a way I will never regret about something tomorrow;

help those who need your help most of all in the world;

save those who is searching for your shelter;

give one more chance to those who was mistaken once...

I know, God, you don’t refuse me because your heart is always open for those who need your advice and help...
love and trust you, with all my heart.

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