Senin, 15 Februari 2010

love yourself!

despite the fact that you are : ugly, fat, short, stinky, too thin, too chubby, not sexy at all, and also have : a dark skin, messy hair, little eyes, crooked teeth, pimpled face, etc.

do you know that you are : smart, talented, cheerful, impressive, dashy, wise, humorous, friendly, fun, bright, jolly, nice one, cloudless, hilarious, clever, charming, amusing, funny, etc, and a really great person for everyone?

and do you know that you have : a really good heart whose no one would ever have?

stop complaining, lets love yourself the way you are! physical things won't last forever, but your mind your heart and your loveeeeeeeeeee will stay endlessly. trust me you're beautiful :)

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