Selasa, 29 Desember 2009


things happened in my life lately were going awkward. it started when i met my ex after about several months hadnt met him, me with my boyf yesterday at one of the cinema. we said hi each other but it was totally 10seconds weirdness. even i can't barely speak clearly in front of him and i dont know why. its like i do finally move on and i showed 'it' in front of the guy-who-broke-my-heart-unkindly. somehow, i feel win. and its bad, real bad :(

second thing was about the movie i watched last night, ghost of the girlfriend past. romantic comedy in a funny way. played by jennifer gardner, the queen of gracefulness and elegance. i do admire her like seriously. back then about the plot, i was like "ohmygod will love like that still gonna exist?"

and the last thing was about my family. its been so long long long days we havent gathered in my parents' bed again like lastnight. talked about anything together, disturbed my lovely little sister.wooooooooot im in love with my family. you know what, family is our destiny, whether you like it or not, whether you proud of it or not, we should admit the fact that we cant change God's gift, and its our family.

anyway, today is the last day on 2009. many things had happened in my life this year, and i feel grateful for everythings it were. i realize like when i lost something, i got many things in the return so that i would never feel deeply loss.


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